September 27, 2012

Schadenfreude-nator Technology Review

After the direct hit on Mitt Romnney from a hand-carried assault Schaudenfreudenator a couple of weeks ago, there is now this laser hit from the air-based system, featuring an epic face-palm from Joe Scarborough.

I re-post the Schadenfreudenator technology review here in the interests of public edification. As you can see, the Schadenfreudenator works by sudden rapid expansion of core identity flaws and cognitive dissonance, creating an propellent explosion of inappropriate delight. In the air-based high-energy laser schadenfreudenator system, a high energy fear laser replaces small bursts of chemical awkwardness.

A Hand-Held Assault Schadenfreudenator (U.S. Army Division of Fear )

1. Stock (of personal despair)
2. Plasmatics Housing
3. Manaheim Steamroller
3a. Sociopathic Glee Dispenser
4. Forward Spring
5. Fallback
6. Gastric Expansion Chamber
7. Master/Slave Cylinder Dungeon
8a. Flexible Protective Cylindrical Housing
Extra Ribbing for Her Pleasure
9. Domination Coil
10. Futility of Moral Action Flange
11. Emotional Disengagement Safety
12. Marquis De Sad
13. Fear Pin
14. Confidence Coroder
15. Unrecognized Inevitability of Death Adjustment Screw
16. Chump Bracket

An Air-Based Schaudenfreudenator, (courtesy, Pentagon Office of Inappropriate Delight)


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What an asshole.

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