February 17, 2013

Mosaic theory

Stock analysts (or so I've heard) are not prosecuted for inferentially assembling non-material inside information into a coherent independent investment thesis, in fact many believe that is their primary role.  This has historically only mattered to me professionally, but recent global news is beginning to coalesce in a way that is very interesting...


  • Commie bombers menace Guam.
  • Commie puppet state tests atomic weapons, which is denounced by other Commies, which would be more convincing if the new Commie puppet leader hadn't visited Beijing the day he took over Puppet Commie Land.
  • U.S. government is not deceived, figures out that the real culprit here is Iran.

  • Commie hackers are everywhere.
  • Super-secret Commie computer espionage ring unmasked by guy who works for Dell, outed by Bloomberg.  (The tell here is that when Bloomberg asked him if he was a Commie spy on the phone, the guy said he didn't know what they were talking about and hung up!)
  • American telecoms engineer working for Huawei in Singapore slips on bar of soap, falls on knife while drinking poison despite having a good job and a hot girlfriend.
  • Is Little Kim still alive?  Yes *or so they say* it was a birthday party, not a military coup.  It can be hard to tell which in that neighborhood.
  • Sure it was a meteor, sure it was.
  • I don't know how this fits, since he wasn't working directly for Huawei at the time, or how they got him into the bag, but it is clearly significant.

In other news, the bad guys are sabotaging our nuclear weapons sites and assassinating key scientific leader (with financing from the Saudis)...oh wait, that's us, nevermind. Probably disloyal to even talk about...oops, yes it is.

So I'm guessing something is up, or as Mao would sayshouldn’t this make one wide awake? 


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Also: the Pope is resigning.


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