July 05, 2013

The Mars wanderer

At some point you just have to be in awe of the Opportunity Mars mission, which is now on its fourth presidential administration.  Wikipedia notes:
Opportunity remains active as of 2013, having already exceeded its planned 90 sol (Martian days) duration of activity by 9 years, 70 days (in Earth time). Opportunity has continued to move, gather scientific observations, and report back to Earth for over 37 times its designed lifespan.
Here is an amazing map of the mission, showing the long journey, through dust storms and other hazards, to "second landing site" Endeavour Crater.

Someone also has a sense of humor (humour?) about names.  Cape Tribulation is my personal favourite, although I couldn't blame you if you plumped for Nobby's Head.

Here is a slightly out-of-date, but good, overview of all landings on the planet.


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