August 20, 2013

"I gotta talk to Scotland here and hope it goes over"

My review of Temple Run 2 is stuck in post-production, but if you have played it, you know you have to stay alive for awhile before you can really start to score.  And there comes a point in the game where you get into the super-bonus zone, where every minute you can stay alive is pure gravy, 10x points, sprinting for a shot at the high score.

If life is anything like Temple Run 2, Rickles - now 87 - is there.

How old is Don Rickles? Old enough to have been roasted (brilliantly) by Henny Youngman (with an assist from Milton Berle) in 1968...when he was 42.

Mr. Warmth:  The Don Rickles Project - now seriously out-of-date - is available here (cheap!).


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