August 25, 2013

Show trial of the century

He's taken the trial off-script.  Son of an Immortal...  A villain from central casting...

He knows, as Cheyenne would say, how to play.  His father faced down tougher guys than these:
On February 9, 1967, Kang Sheng and his associates organized a rally in the Beijing Workers Stadium to criticize and "struggle against" Bo. Bo was paraded through the stadium with an iron plaque around his neck describing his "crimes", but he was more defiant than most victims persecuted by Red Guards, and demanded (unsuccessfully) to speak in his own defense. While being paraded he shouted: "I am not a traitor! I am a member of the Communist Party!" Bo's insistence that he was a loyal Communist Party member and that Mao had approved all of his actions created a chaotic atmosphere, and the rally was cancelled after three minutes.  
And his wife - the woman he denounces now - what has become of her, really?

A shame...they seemed like such nice kids, all those years ago.

[Actually, he was a Red Guard and beat people up in front of audiences.  Great rundown on the whole affair here.]


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