May 02, 2014

The best shooting big man of all time?

I can’t stress this enough: You’re not supposed to shoot this many long 2s and still have good percentages. For every other player in every other league in the entire world, the long 2-pointer is the worst shot in basketball. But it’s not if you’re Dirk Nowitzki. He was the second best in the league at shooting from 10-23 feet last season, but the even more amazing part is in the “attempts” column — he took nearly 10 a game. Well more than half his shots were long 2s. Unlike the rest of the planet, Nowitzki is so uncannily accurate that he can dominate games this way.


(I heard an interview with Kevin McHale a few years ago, and they asked him who was better, Bird or Nowitzki.  He begged off with "it's tough to compare players of different eras."  I'd say about even, although if money or a playoff victory is on the line I think it's still Bird by several yards.)


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