June 17, 2014

They should trademark that

After reading it for half a decade, I noticed Cracked really likes the construction "[verb] the shit out of" as in...
  • The women either didn't understand it or had to pretend like they didn't because, once again, their husbands would be totally at liberty to murder the shit out of them so long as Mumbo Jumbo said it was OK.  (link)
  • Jimmy Stewart loses all his money and is ready to kill the shit out of himself after realizing that life is an endless catch-22 and God hates us all. (link)
  • However, as small, unassuming psychopaths throughout history have proven, you can be comparatively weak and still poison the shit out of anyone.  (link)
I like it, it is a great tool for adding hyperbolic comic emphasis at low cost, and has the added advantage of being almost a trademark for them.  So I wondered how often they had used this construction.

According to Google the answer is: 8,720 times.

Some of those may be from the comments.  But, still.


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