June 01, 2014

Time-traveling band brings sound of the 80s to modern Los Angeles

And it's not at all bad.  I endorse Fitz and the Tantrums.  Two competent singers.  A band with horns.  Great hooks. And they're old - not as old as us, but old enough to understand they may not get another shot, so they'd better make the most of this one.  A little preachy sometimes, but musically their heart is in exactly the right place.  Screw it, I'm on board.

Supposedly the band was thrown together in about an afternoon, and Fitzpatrick was getting them  gigs after just a week of rehearsal.  If I were him and Noelle Scaggs walked in the door, I've have done the same, probably with less dilly-dallying.

The Current Hit is The Walker

Last Year's Hit was Out of My League

It Began with Moneygrabber