October 27, 2015

Let's get our priorities straight, people

I'm speechless after the Zombies show in LA Saturday night.  I went in thinking "Moody Blues Cruise" and came out having watched the Beatles, aged 70, play the Abbey Road Medley live, better than on the album.  And there was Susanna Hoffs at the sound check, and an encore that went to 11 (think Allman Brothers with a good vocalist and two Mellotrons).

They killed in Seattle, too.  Brief review excerpt:
I realize the regular world is currently engaged in the pressing matter of deciding how to feel about the new Adele single, “Hello.” (For the record, it’s already my second favorite song by that title, and maybe my third favorite that uses the line “Hello, it’s me”...  And that’s in less than a week! Who can imagine how I’ll feel about it in three years when I’m still hearing it in line to buy groceries or on hold with the robot bank?) 

Anyway. I’ve spent the past week listening to an album that’s nearly 50 years old…

I always imagine the excitement of them working in Abbey Road studio, dialing in the tremolo setting to make the lead guitar on "Beechwood Park" warble just so, nailing those vocal sections on "Changes," knowing they had absolutely, utterly nailed their masterpiece, hungry for it to join the swelling ranks of modern classics in the newly serious LP format. And then... disappointment, despair, dissolution...

And now, at the last possible moment... 




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