October 10, 2015

Win one for the Heifer

I have a co-worker who lives and dies by the fortunes of the Texas Longhorns.  Watching her suffering through this worst of all possible years for the team has been hilarious has moved me at times almost to tears.

And this week, even the most ardent admirer of that storied side could not have held out much hope.  Coming off a brutal 50-7 loss to Texas Christian University that exposed every weakness of the team that had not already been ruthlessly exposed by prior oppoenents, they faced the #8-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, a hated rival that, unlike the shambolic Texans, had progressed through the 2015 season with approximately the same efficiency as had the Grand Armée as it passed through Lithuania (the first time).

The outlook wasn't brilliant.  Consider:
  • Record entering game:  1-5
  • Win probabability:  6 percent
  • Projected margin of defeat:  27 points
  • Bevo, the Longhorns' mascot had a life-threatening disease and had to miss the game
And...that's why they play the games.



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