January 22, 2017

Congratulations, you hoser

Tom Brady, man.  The only quarterback in history to deliver seven playoff performances with a passer rating higher than 112...the first in 2005.

Oh wait, there's a flag on the field...

Upon further review, Brady's squeaker last week was revised downward, so according to the updated Football Reference Immortality screen (here), this latest outstanding performance will only bring him up to six, in line with the great Joe Montana.

Whether this result will stand up after a linear correction is made for higher passer ratings overall in recent years remains to be determined.

(Puts away clipboard)

And oh yes, good show, Mr. (91.6) Rodgers*, thank you for all the excitement and we look forward to revisiting your efforts again next year.  And yes, bards will sing of your 2016 season for a thousand years, as well they should.

* Questionable musical choices notwithstanding, this is worth watching.


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