January 15, 2017

Immortality screen update

(Checks clipboard)

Sorry Mr. Rodgers, a passer rating of 96.7 does not qualify.

Yes, we understand you are the greatest football player in the world today, but the numbers are the numbers, sorry.

There is also this is this slightly damning passage from an article today:
When the Green Bay Packers have won in the postseason under coach Mike McCarthy, they have mostly been able to take a knee at the end of the game and let those final seconds be their closing argument regarding which team was better. 
When they have lost, however, more often than not it has been a major meltdown in which their ticket to the offseason was delivered on the final play of the game.  Five of McCarthy’s seven playoff losses have occurred that way, four of them in overtime, and one in each of the last three seasons.
I know this is a bit unfair, but the position you are applying for is Greatest Quarterback of All Time.  Successful candidates for this position should not lose the big ones at the end.

I'm afraid we'll have to grade this application INCOMPLETE.

(Puts clipboard away)

I'm sorry, but we do look forward to seeing your work next week.  Good luck.



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