March 31, 2017

How to play basket-ball

The "Bounce-Pass"

The "Behind-the-Back Pass"

The "Spin-Move"

The "Dunk-Shot"

The "Up-and-Under" "Finger-Roll"

The "Pick-and-Roll"

The "Post-up" "Turn-around" "Jumper"

Here’s a fun stat that’s real: Livingston has never missed a post-up turnaround jumper. Not once. There was one time in a game in 2006 where he shot it and the ball hit the rim as it was going in, but that’s the closest he’s ever come to missing it. I’ve watched this video of him posting up Tony Parker maybe 60 times. He knows before he gets to the half-court line that he’s about to put Parker in the torture chamber. He doesn’t try to sprint into a fast break or cause any sort of chaos among the defense. He just very methodically, in his most serial-killer manner, dribbles up the left side of the floor, turns his back to Parker, waits for Parker to provide a little resistance so he knows what direction to turn, spins, holds the ball at an impossible-to-block height, and flicks it in as Parker fouls him. It’s perfect and perfectly reliable. No move is more dependable.  (link)

The "Same Thing the Other Way"



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