May 07, 2017

Feeling better, thank you

Hats off to Ron Kroichick of the Chronicle, who has blown the lid off the Shaun Livingston story:
The Warriors knew Livingston didn’t fit the ideal profile of a modern NBA player, given his shot selection [won't take threes - TOF], but they also discovered the Brooklyn Nets were much better in 2013-14 when Livingston started (35-19) than when he didn’t (9-19).
It didn’t take long for Gelfand and his front-office colleagues to realize Livingston’s efficiency mostly offset his aversion to three-pointers. For one thing, defensive players rarely affect Livingston’s shot; Gelfand jokes that a “hand in his face” actually means a hand at Livingston’s chin, given his height, leap and high release.

Game 1 vs Utah: 20 minutes, 5 shots, 9 points




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