January 15, 2004


Amazon lists 14 books by Viggo Mortensen. Besides the obvious, (he wrote the introduction to a LOTR companion book), he's also published a few books of photography and poetry, one with a CD so you can hear him read it and some literary and art criticism. At least the ones in Danish, Teologi og kritik : aspekter på halvfjerdsernes danske teologi and Teologi og naturvidenskab : hinsides restriktion og ekspansion are out of print. But if he's the same Viggo Mortensen who wrote [actually, edited - MoF] Life and Death: Moral Implications of Biotechnology and Free Will and Determinism, I swear I'm going to slit my wrist and use the blood to write him a poison pen letter.

[If you can take a moment away from this shameless, shameless flirting with Viggo, I am thinking of cribbing Aragorn's speech before the Gates of Mordor for my ACLU speech. Open to suggestions along the lines of "One day the liberty of Americans may lie split upon the ground - but that will not be this day!" -PWP]

[It's a good movie; you might want to see it some day. -CSG]

[One reviewer says: "Viggo. Wow. Not only is he a wonderful actor, who brings his character to life. He's a painter and a poet with such amazing insight and passion. This man has the ability to pull you into his world when he writes. Not only is this a book of some of Viggo's work, it also comes with a CD with Viggo reading some of his work and it just adds to the wonder of this man. I highly suggest this book to those who have an open mind and who wish to experience something fresh and new." -MoF]


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