December 14, 2004

Even AOPA is printing Democratic conspiracy theories now...

Reading the latest issue of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Magazine I came across an interesting letter to the editor.

The writer points out that two Democratic candidates have died in plane crashes right before election time:

Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan who died when his plane stalled during a seemingly routine approach in clouds and Paul Wellston who died when his plane stalled during a seemingly routine approach in clouds.

In Carnahan's case his corpse went on to defeat Ashcroft.

In Wellstone's case he died one day before the deadline where it would have been impossible to take his name off the ballot.

"Despite the NTSB's attempt to paint the flight crew in an unfavorable light, I find it impossible to believe that qualified and current commercial pilots in command of a well-maintained King Air would simply let the airplane stall during approach. Pilots know GPS can be manipulated to cause erroneous and confusing data, and it would be similarly easy for the technologically minded to alter the AWOS altimeter or the DME signal the pilots used to make the approach.

"Since Wellstone's death had such far reaching implications [The NTSB needs to] make it clear such such possibilites were addressed in the Wellstone crash investigation"

Normally I avoid such conspiracy theories, but I had to listen to soo many of them from the Right during the Clinton administration it's only fair to return the favor.


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Boggs and Begich.

December 14, 2004 at 9:07 AM  

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