May 05, 2005

Dear MIT Students: How to Work with A Time Traveller from the Future

Notes for MIT students observing Saturday's Time Traveller Convention.

1. A slightly soft, bumpier humanoid is not necessarily from the future. These are known in our time as "women."

2. A time traveller from 2040 may complain bitterly about Social Security payroll deductions being raised 17%.

3. The genuine time traveller may be alarmed by mysterious "trees" or "animals" or the concept of travelling outside.

4. Please do not try to test the time traveller with comments like "So, then, what was I doing next Tuesday?" This will was not likely to would have been historically significant.

5. It is well known that in the future only Thai food is available.

6. Do not encourage people from the future to screw around with the timeline by stomping on plants and the like just to see if the travellers will suddenly disappear.

7. No matter how much the time traveller insists that Bush must be stopped before he causes Earth to be destroyed, it is in your own best interests to report him to the authorities.


Blogger Undersecretary to the Deputy Commissariat said...

After dithering for decades, in 2050 I decided to go. It will have not lived up to the post-advance billings.

The private consensus among all those who were having come whenther than 20 years is that it "will have been a complete waste of time."

May 5, 2005 at 7:21 PM  

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