August 22, 2007

Can I Get an Amen?

Dr. X posts this from 1988:

"A bit of advice from Michael Dukakis: 'We have to organize every damn precinct in the United States of America—all 185,000. I’m serious. I’m deadly serious. I didn’t do it after the primary [in 1988]. Don’t ask me why, because that’s the way I got myself elected from the time I was running for town meeting in Brookline to the time I ran for governor.'

"And when he talks about organizing, he doesn’t mean the legions of eager college students—think the orange-hat-clad 'Perfect Storm' that Howard Dean sought to rain down on Iowa in 2004—who are shipped off to key states for crunch-time grunt work. He also doesn’t mean limiting the outreach to 'likely' Democratic voters, because—especially after seven years of George W. Bush—'there are huge numbers of disaffected Republicans out there. Who says they won’t vote for us?'

" 'I’m talking about every precinct,' he said, 'with a precinct captain and six block-captains that make personal contact with every single voting household. And I mean starting a year in advance. I’m not talking about parachuting in with two weeks to go. That’s baloney. And these people are people who’ve got to be from the precinct, of the precinct, look like the precinct and talk like the precinct.'

"As it says in our Christian Bible , 'if anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.' "