January 12, 2012

Oh, the humanity

Wow, that new overtime rule is getting people worked up. Here's Easterbrook:
Pittsburgh at Denver was the first game played under the new overtime rules intended to ensure each team at least one possession, and needless to say, the Steelers never touched the ball. For the second time in three seasons, a 12-4 visiting team lost to an 8-8 home team in the playoffs when the game went to overtime and the 12-4 visitor never got a chance at the ball. (San Diego 23, Indianapolis 17 in overtime in 2009 was the other case.) 
A year ago, TMQ warned , "The new format does not guarantee each team a chance at the ball. If Team A receives the opening kickoff and scores a touchdown, the game simply ends." Back to the drawing board for overtime formats, please. How about alternating possessions beginning at the 50, and no kicking plays allowed?
Or...how about shutting the fuck up?

If Team B went 12-4 in the regular season, and still, after four full quarters of regulation professional foot-ball, finds itself tied with an 8-8 team led by love child of Pat Robertson and Andre the Giant, they have, by that time, forfeited all right to the respect of decent men and women.  A coin flip is too good for them.

Football had the sudden death rule for almost 70 years (originally just for playoff games), and it was perfect.  It heightened the importance of every play.  It put pressure on both teams (if you don't move it down the field and kick the winning field goal, you're screwed).  It was randomly arbitrary, as is life.  It was as great an incentive as you could have for the better team to try and win in regulation.  Stop the madness.  Return to the sound and time-tested policies of the past.

And Team B, next time remember it is possible to underestimate the God-fearing Ape-Man.  Even he can read Cover Zero.


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Hear him! Hear him!

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