February 06, 2012

Movin' on up

I almost tweeted to my follower yesterday that, Brady having broken a Montana record, we might have to reassess his place in history.  Ok, let's reassess:

Name / Super Bowls / Wins / Losses / Avg SB Passer Rating / Super Bowl MVPs
Montana / 4 / 4 / 0 / 127.8 / 3
Brady / 5 / 3 / 2 / 97.6  / 2

Montana was obviously better.  I'm certain this analysis will silence everyone in Boston who thinks otherwise.

I also ran the Immortality Screen again today.  It now looks like this:
Number of times, from 1975 to 2011, in the playoffs, QB achieves Passer Rating >= 112 and Pass Attempts >= 10:
6 - Montana
5 - Aikman
4 - Brady, Favre, Manning(E), Manning(P), Warner
3 - Bradshaw, Brees, Hostetler, Kelly, Rodgers, Theisman
Not exactly an original observation, but Eli is extremely good.  He's now even with big brother on this screen, and the only other people up there are Hall-of-Famers, or sure to be.

Assuming Peyton is headed for retirement, there are four guys on the list with a chance to move up further and threaten Montana and Aikman:  Manning(E), Brady, Brees, and Rodgers.  Rodgers stood still this year.  Brady and Brees each picked up a game.  Eli picked up two, with outstanding performances vs. Atlanta and Green Bay in January.

Eli is 30 years old.  Rodgers is 28, Brees 33, Brady 34, Peyton 35...Montana retired when he was 38.


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