July 15, 2012

More strangers

My sons note that some Strangers are badass, and some are recruiters.

Badass:  In the Bionicle mythos, the guiding spirit of the universe, Mata Nui, is overthrown and his spirit imprisoned in the Mask of Life, which is then flung into the void, ultimately landing on a godforsaken planet of scarab beetles, Bonehunters, Skrall invaders, and a seriously patchy and woebegone group of good guy villages.  Soon the mask has created a body and the spirit has inhabited it, and the great god Mata Nui walks through this landscape as just another sentient being, forced to see it and experience his creation through their eyes...what is this reminding me of?

Recruiters:  Obi-Wan Kenobi is just another guy in a desert hut, but he's obviously got a reason for being there.  Sensei Wu plays a similar role in the Ninjago mythos...harmless little old man looking for a few good recruits for his ninja team that's trying to prevent a serpentine takeover of the world, nothing to see here.

But my favorite stealth sensei is Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender - more of a Cheyenne-like figure, actually - who politely helps a would-be mugger fix his stance and unblock his chi here.


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