September 20, 2012

Computers: So Much Thank

A Modern Computer Person

In Today's Society, we have made great advances in our lives by the use of modern computing, or Information (also known as I.T.) technology.  Computers- which were once the size of rooms (!)- are now small enough to fit in something like a pen or a shoe or a slice of cheesecake, where the benefits of computing or "I.T.", as it is known among computer-using professionals, are very great.

But the real benefit of computers is how much less expensive it makes ordinary things, like going to a grocery store, where employees no longer have to laboriously count every chip (such as potato) when they take inventory, and in the home, where the hard work of calculating where exactly to set the radio dial is now handled by advanced computers, or "IT," using a small computer chip, which is smaller than even a potato chip, inserted into the radio.

Yes, the savings are everywhere. Cars use computers, or "I.T.", to monitor the amount of gas that goes into the engine, and adjust things like fuel injectors. Also the cars are made by computers, with the help of robots and people.  Also the computers are made by robots and computers, or "I.T.", and people, who have created the famous computer robots.

The great advantage of these new computers, or "I.T.", is that they are not only smaller than entire rooms, but that they make things so much cheaper than they once were. It's even getting very hard to think of what isn't cheapened now with the use of computing technology, or "I.T."  For example, computers can now use radios to inform satellites to tell insurance companies using computers what cars controlled by computers but driven by people are doing, which cheapens insurance by up to 30%, according to an ad that I saw. 

So many things are cheapening. Chairs can now be made by simple computers. And also tables, using robots or foreign people that saw and glue wood. Dangerous and filthy mining can be done by computer robots, and many museums will now show you dangerous and filthy Art- but made by artists? No! Computers again! And the government is simply doing wonders with computer robot invisible plane missile fighters that can kill anyone they really need to.

Music, which once required large numbers of people to learn for many years to play such old-fashioned instruments like saxophones and guitars, may now be made cheaply by many fewer people using computers, or "IT," like Skrillex does. You may have heard his famous "WUB WUB" sound: it sounds like a computer going "Wuuuub! Wubwubwubwub!"  Essays, like this one, no longer have to be printed when computers can print them onto screens without using messy ink.  Computers can even write essays now, so  sensitive, huffy writers are increasingly unnecessary, thanks to the improvements of I.T.  Soon I bet even Skrillex will be replaced by I.T. Old Lawyers and bankers increasingly use I.T. to do things that young lawyers and bankers used to do, and I.T. never needs a vacation or a bonus! I should explain that I.T. usually means "computers."

Computer Robots, or "I.T.", have a lot of promise to cheapen all kinds of things people used to do that other people used to think was valuable, like farming, steel things, sales, roofing, nursing, food making, educating children, lawn maintenance, educating adults, banking, insurance, growing genetically perfect children in vats, accounting, financial investing, and even working with computers and robots, or "I.T."  And what's even better is that our country's top engineers are working harder and harder(using computers of course!) to make computers and computer-robots that make people feel like they have friends and that anyone cares about them.

In this world of "I.T.", we can look forward to virtually everything being cheapened. I should explain again that I.T. usually means "computers."


Blogger The Other Front said...

Just blue-skying here, but wouldn't computers be even better if they could recharge themselves?

They should make computers that can eat things and save energy.

We have the technology.

September 20, 2012 at 12:05 PM  

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