August 09, 2013

LeBron Madrid

Gareth Bale in five bullets:

  • Annunciation.
    • "Bale actually covered a total of 719m at sprint pace, measured at a speed of 24k per hour or higher.  Incredibly, that is 45 per cent higher than the average of 324m at sprint pace in the Premier League." (link)
  • Love.
  • Colossus.
  • Betrayal.
    • "Clearly this can only mean Gareth Bale is right now getting Real Madrid's crest tattooed on his sphincter."  (link)
  • Rage.
I remember when they were thinking of moving the Giants to Pensacola or somewhere, and a friend who had grown up with them raged:  "Go!  Who cares? We made you!"

Well, perhaps.  And someday...hopefully in this lifetime...perhaps they can make another Gareth Bale.

I checked with Dr. Kapital and he confirms that €100 million is "a lot".


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