August 08, 2013

Paul Roseland and Ol' Timey Alaska Folk Music

You may have run into actual Alaska folksinger, in the full sense of the word, Paul Roseland of Girdwood, now about 85, who's been fascinated by the oldest Alaska folk songs since before we were born. His 1967 Centennial album I had and played repeatedly when I was 7 or 8; he collected songs from the oldest sources, incl things found in old cabins- his friendly Swedish/ Norwegian tinted accent is no bullshit, old time Alaska.

Terrible production values at the Alaska Folkfest, 1998, but at 13:50, his signature song, Goodbye, Summer, written in about 1950.

Grizzly Johnson, (Note: domestic violence.)

Lament of the Old Sourdough.   around 1901.  From an interesting audio page on Alaska history, incl. a 1941 interview with a man who knew Soapy Smith's telegraph scheme.

Old albums, like Paul, are still around.


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