June 25, 2014

You get nothing

Tim Lincecum, washed up and consistently disappointing this season, consoled himself with a no-hitter today, the second of his career.  With two no-hitters, two Cy Young Awards, and two World Championships, he stands nearly alone in history, accompanied only by some guy Koufax, who pitched for a different team.

When I heard that Lincecum was the only Giant apart from Christy Mathewson to pitch two no-hitters, I thought holy shit, Christy Mathewson pitched two no-hitters?!  That's amazing, really, it was hard to throw a no-hitter in them days.  Mathewson also had two championships.

C. Mathewson, ret. 1916

He'd have had the Cy Young Awards, too, but there was no Cy Young Award back then, because Cy Young was still in the League.  And he pitched three no-hitters, but I digress, this is Timmy's day.

The motivation for the post is:  with one out in the 9th inning, the Padres, desperate to avoid the extraordinary embarrassment of being no-hit by the same guy twice in three years, pinch hit the capable Yasmani Grandal, a fine young Cuban player, in the hope that he'd step in and bust the thing up.  Here is what he saw:

You get nothing, Mr. Grandal, and you are out, thank you for coming.


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