May 20, 2015

Get Your Grump On

I met the Grumpiest Old Man in SF on a packed N Muni Train. While trying to de-grump him a bit to keep the peace, he lent me some reflections from a long life:
1. "Tech did nothing but turn everything into a goddamn police state."
2. "Sick of these kids staring into their damn phones. When I was 20 I was running a fishing boat in Kodiak. 105 feet. Lived more in 20 years than they will in 100.
3. "Goddamn (Giants) Stadium named after a goddamn New York Company."
4. "Wait'll these New Yorkers get sick of the rent!"
5. "Higgins, he was the toughest cop in SF. Great guy. Killed a bunch of guys on Iwo Jima in WWII- those guys came back and weren't putting up with any crap.Told me to stop seeing his daughter and I ran away by stealing a motorcycle. Then he got the charges dismissed. Later he started Cops for Christ. "
6. "These idiots don't even know San Francisco used to be a slum!"
7. "We used to drive up to Sacramento in a 66 Cadillac doing 110 with a bottle of Jack on the seat, going to see the girls coming back from dealing in Tahoe. You used to be able to do anything. Cop pulled me over once and told me to take it down a notch."
7. "My grandma was the first woman in California to get a teaching certificate. She told us about camping in Golden gate park after the earthquake.
9. "Had some good times. Michael Douglas, you know? Actor? We were all partying at the first Hookers ball in the 70s. The thing was, there were so many hookers."
10. "I knew all the toughest old cops back then because I was committing the crimes."
I am sure you will agree it is best to listen the wisdom of our elders.


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This is gold!

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