May 23, 2015

Shut. Down.

The Warriors were ripe tonight, a very vulnerable team facing its sternest test yet:
  • At Oracle the Rockets had been close at the end in both games, missing the chance for a last-minute victory in the second one by this much.
  • Game 3 was in Houston, away from the wildly supportive Oracle crowd.
  • Kevin McHale seemed to have found a plausible way to challenge the Warriors, emphasizing the Rockets' scary-good paint game to open the floor for their own three point shooters.
  • The Rockets had not lost three in a row all season.  
  • The Warriors' plane was delayed six hours by a mechanical problem, forcing them to cancel practice.
The Warriors, perhaps overconfident, looked like a team ready to make some mistakes, and make them they did:

The Warriors won all four quarters of the game:

For those keeping score at home - and why wouldn't you - the playoff run now looks like this:
  • vs. New Orleans: W W W W 
  • vs. Memphis: W L L W W W 
  • vs. Houston: W W W
They are now 78-17, and their winning percentage in the playoffs is now  higher than in the regular season.  They are one win away from the Final Boss of the NBA playoffs game.  That one will likely be a doozy.


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