December 15, 2016

The Field Book, 1833 - now on Project Gutenberg

Race, Doncaster, for the Great St. Leger Stakes, 1832, of which our Frontispiece, drawn by Pollard, expressly for this work, is a correct representation.

The following is the account given in the Sporting Magazine for that year:— And now the hour arrived to set all fancies and opinions at nought, and disclose what so many had so long and anxiously looked forward to ascertain. On clearing the ground, the following seventeen showed themselves, parading before the stand, to exhibit their varied beauties and accomplishments before the bouquet of female elegance and beauty which shone studded in brilliancy amidst an animated multitude:—
Lord Sligo’s ch. c. Daxon, by Langar— Cora / A. Pavis.
Sir R. Bulkeley’s b. c. Birdcatcher, by St. Patrick / Calloway.
Mr. Houldsworth’s b. c. David, by Catton / S. Darling.
Mr. Edmundson’s ch. c. Richmond, by Jack Spigot / R. Johnson.
Mr. Powlett’s gr. f. by Figaro / J. Holmes.
Lord Cleveland’s ch. c. Trustee, by Catton / J. Day.
Mr. Ridsdale’s b. c. Brother to Maria, by Whisker / Scott.
Lord Kelburne’s b. c. Retainer, by Jerry / G. Nelson.
Mr. F. Richardson’s b. c. Fang, by Langar / Connolly.
Mr. S. Fox’s br. c. Julius, by Jerry / S. Templeman.
Lord Exeter’s b. c. Byzantium, by Sultan / Arnull.
Mr. Skipsey’s b. c. Physician, by Brutandorf / H. Edwards.
Mr. W. Scott’s b. c. Carlton, by Catton / Garbutt.
Mr. Watt’s b. f. Nitocris, by Whisker / T. Nicholson.
Lord Langford’s b. c. Roué, by Starch / T. Lye.
Mr. Beardsworth’s br. c. Ludlow, by Filho da Puta / Wright.
Mr. Gully’s ch. c. Margrave, by Muley / J. Robinson. 
After the usual parading, the whole drew up together, and made a false start— Ludlow, Physician, and Carlton staying behind, and all the others going some distance before they could be pulled up. On re-assembling, a most excellent and beautiful start was effected, the lot going away in a cluster, with Mr. Powlett’s filly leading for about two hundred yards, when Roué took it from her— Carlton, the filly, Physician, Nitocris, Birdcatcher, Richmond, Trustee, Maria, Retainer, Julius, and Fang following alongside in front, and the others well up, at one of the worst Leger paces ever witnessed, and all keeping their ground over the hill to the T. Y. C. post, when Mr. Pavis began to handle the whipcord to Daxon, who was the first that exhibited defeat. The example, however, was soon found to have plenty of imitators; for, before reaching the Red House, Fang, Nitocris, Trustee, Carlton, Roué, and Brother to Maria, fell away from the contest— Mr. Powlett’s mare coming round the corner down to the rails with a very promising and flattering appearance, followed closely by Birdcatcher, Physician, Retainer, and Richmond; Margrave lying two or three lengths in the rear. On reaching the rails Calloway came out with Birdcatcher, went up to the Figaro filly, at the distance defeated her, and looked very much like a winner; but Robinson, who had patiently waited, now crept up on the outside, making his ground by a gradual steady advance. At the stand he caught the Birdcatcher, and left him at the post in the rear by three-quarters of a length, amid the deafening shouts of the lads “wot had put the siller on the back of Muley’s son.” The Figaro filly ran in third, Physician (only beat by the filly a head) fourth, Richmond fifth, Retainer sixth, and David seventh— Ludlow, Fang, Byzantium, and Carlton landing the four last horses of the race.



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