May 17, 2017

Let's rock

And then there were four:
  • Warriors
  • Spurs 
  • Cavs
  • Celtics
The last three teams to win an NBA championship, and the franchise with the most championships in NBA history.  The Celtics of course have no right to be here, except they beat everyone else, so whatta you gonna dooboutit?

The greatest Celtic of 2017 is named Isaiah Thomas

This could be a pretty interesting wrap-up to the season.  Highlights include:
  • Pictured above, coming out of Tacoma, Washington, the 60th and final pick of the 2011 draft, you've got five feet nine inches of "who's stopping me?"
  • You've got LeBron, who has won three championships, and Gregg Popovich who has won five, and Steve Kerr who has won five, and Kevin Durant who has won zero, and Steph Curry who lets you get comfortable with a 25 point lead then drops 40 points on you on 26 shots.  
  • The Warriors were a little soft last year so they signed David West, JaVale McGee, and Zaza Pachulia, who collectively weigh 795 pounds, have 15 fouls and zero fucks to give per game, and this is the last chance for any of them to get a ring.  So...probably fewer 'Warriors are getting bullied' stories this year.
  • LeBron has been in the last six Finals, won three and lost three.  This next one, if he gets there, probably decides his legacy.
  • The Cavaliers have won eight straight playoff games against no losses, which is weak because the the Warriors have won ten.
There are no: suckers, chumps, pretenders, pushovers, wannabes, posers...ok, there are posers.  But there are no easy outs left, just good teams with good players and coaches.  And no guarantees for anyone.  Your max contract gets you nothing here.  We're just going to play some ball now, and see who's best.

The Warriors might win, probably will win.  If they do, who's going to say it was easy?  Who's going to say there was no competition?  If they don't...well, try harder next time fellas, it's a hard game.

It's war, the most beautiful, wonderful war anyone could ask for.

[5/19 UPDATE:  It is, so far, a massacre.  Cavaliers are now 10-0 this postseason following a 44 point wipeout of the Celtics tonight.  The Warriors are also now 10-0.  Both teams lead their series 2-0...]  


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