July 08, 2013

A comment: three variations on a theme, and a proposed aphorism

Variation #1 - You have a party.  700 people show up, followed by 18 police departments.  No one is hurt, no one is arrested, and, arguably, a good time is had by all.  Legen...(wait for it)...dary!  Enjoyable Fark thread is here.

Variation #2 - You make a modest football bet in a bar.  This leads to an undercover investigation with the intent to entrap you, culminating in a SWAT raid in which an officer shoots you and kills you.  Although this case was 'resolved' with a cash payment of $2 mm, known to the Afghans as "blood money", I personally would prefer that we adhere to our own ancient laws and customs, rather than adopting those of desert nomad warriors, however valorous they may be.

Variation #3 - You go to the store to buy LaCroix water.  As you walk out to the parking lot, seven people in regular clothes approach, and, without identifying themselves, tell you to come with them.  You flee.  Pulled over by a uniformed police officer, you spend the night in jail for your insolence.  Various felony charges are later dropped.

Aphorism:  Let's make the cops straighter before we make them stronger.

PS - Don't try to find me, I'm behind six anonymous proxies.


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