July 10, 2013

MacPherson Calendar, Found in Attic & Given to Me By A Student, Untouched Since WWII


The Artist's Studio! Mental Mecca of the meandering male: envied sanctuary of the knowing few. An earthly Eden holding the fascination of the unknown, the temptation of the forbidden, the lure of the possible and the charm of the probable. Home is no place like this – but it should be!

Formula for happy husbands? Prescription for contented males? Give every man his own studio. A place to let imagination rome, to loose the bonds the bonds of fancy and wander, a free spirit in Elysian fields. Every man his own fountain of youth. So -

Herewith for the gentleman connisseur, a delectable serving of delightful femininity from the sketch pad of Earl MacPherson whose gorgeous girls have become the most prized bits of modern Americana. Guaranteed to convert the most austere of male quarters into a Mohammedan's idea of Heaven. These captivating creatures have zip, zest, and zoom that will positively banish the blues, race the pulse, and boom the blood pressure. Here, for your enjoyment, twelve tantilizing treasures. Make of them what you will.

Howard-Cooper Corporation

-An epically sexist, cheeseball introduction to this original calendar.  MacPherson was quite a well-known calendar artist, clearly inspired the troops, and the jaw-dropping copy above that makes Mad Men look like a seminar at Evergreen College was probably not his fault. The art studio themes in the pin-up illustrations are priceless. 


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