June 28, 2006

An Interesting Hobby

Dr. X posts this via a recording on an Edison cylinder:

"Some time ago I watched most of the important surviving works of Harold Lloyd, and read several book on the silent film era. I was awed by his comic genius, of course, and happy to hear that he continued to thrive after the talkies came in, managing his affairs wisely and even consulting for the chase scene in The Graduate.

"In one of those books I read that he had, in his later years, pursued a hobby of photographing attractive young women in the nude (er, them - not him). News of this sort always has a bit of a diminishing effect on the image one has of a great man. But these things are usually swept under the rug and things move along.

"So I was taken aback to see that some of these photographs have been published in a book, compiled by his granddaughter: Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3D! Given my profound interest in the great comedian, and my intention to one day write a comprehensive biography of him, I view this as a critical research tool. Any doubts I had at the register were dispelled when I noticed the book had been endorsed by Robert Wagner."


Blogger First Sea Lord said...

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June 29, 2006 at 11:07 PM  
Blogger First Sea Lord said...

Sir, you consider it a diminishment of a gentleman's repute to have posed young, attractive women in the nude for posterity?! Preposterous!

That being said, a 3-d Tura Satana?


June 29, 2006 at 11:09 PM  

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